Head of International Research Practice
PhD in Psychology. Associate Professor (clinical), Ohio State University School of Communication. Research Associate, Mershon Center for International Security Studies, Columbus, USA

Scope of work:
International research and  international communication

Areas  of expertise:
Public diplomacy, political psychology, cybersecurity, program evaluation, cross-country comparative public opinion research.

Educational background:

  • Vienna Diplomatic Academy, Austria (2005): International Studies. With honors.
  • Utah State University, USA (2004). Psychology. Ph.D. Cum Laude (presidential list)
  • Utah State University, USA (2003). Research and Evaluation Methodology. M.S. Cum Laude.
  • Ivanovo State University, Russia (1999).  Contemporary World History.  Cum Laude.

Russian, English, German, French

Highest academic degree:
PhD in Psychology. Awarded by Utah State University, USA. In 2004.


  • NIsbet E., Kamenchuk O., Dal A. Psychological Firewall? Risk Perceptions and Public Support for Online Censorship in Russia // Social Science Quarterly, Vol. 9, Number 3, September 2017.
  • Kamenchuk O.N. Educational resources of Russian Modernization // Sociological Studies. No. 12. 2011 p. 24 http://www.isras.ru/socis_2011_12.html
  • O.N. Kamenchuk, V.V. Fedorov. The war that became Great and Patriotic: perceptions of the Second World War in the Russian society // MGIMO-University Bulletin. No. 4. 2009. http://mgimo.ru/files/120158/24_Fedorov.pdf

Membership in professional associations and communities:

  • ISA (International Studies Association).
  • MAPOR (Midwest Association of Public Opinion Research).
  • WAPOR (World Association of Public Opinion Research).
  • CNEP (Comparative National Election Project) at Mershon Center for International Security Studies.
  • Go-Governance Institute.

Prior experience includes work with international organizations (IOM, ICMPD), analytical centers (Economist Intelligence Unit, EURAC), consultancy (Spectrum Consulting, WIRE), Academia (universities of Austria, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Russia, USA). As a project manager and an analyst she was involved in more than a hundred research and consultancy projects for European Commission, World Bank, UNDP, Thomson Reuters, Asahi Shimbun, Cambridge University, University of Pennsylvania, US Department of Health, US Department of Education, ADA, IOM, Economist Intelligence Unit, etc