Life No Good Without

A third of the Russians view themselves dependent on something, signaled the recent poll of All-Russia’s Center for Public Opinion Studies which results are available at the official web of the pollster. 
Of this third (to be more precise of 36 percent), only 13 percent thought that dependence depressing, while 23 percent said it didn’t matter. Some 60 percent of respondents said they didn’t depend on anything.

But without what cannot a Russian do? It’s family for 25 percent and work for another 25 percent. From 9 percent to 11 percent won’t survive without money, cigarettes, intercourse and TV.

The TV-mania is common to 40 percent, while 36 percent depend on cellular phones. There are 37 percent workaholics in Russia, while each fourth (25 percent to 27 percent) cannot do without news, music and sex and each fifth (21 percent to 22 percent) won’t survive without books, tasty food and smoking.

More often than any other group, gourmands (48 percent), TV-adherents (40 percent) and news lovers (40 percent) said they would do without their weakness in general but that effort wouldn’t be easy.

All-Russia’s Center for Public Opinion Studies held the poll May 17 to 18, covering 1,600 of 153 settlements in 46 regions and republics of Russia. The statistic error doesn’t exceed 3.4 percent.

Original source: kommersant