Poll: Quality of Belarus' food products perceived as high in Russia

An opinion poll carried out by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) revealed that 79% of Russians have a high opinion of the quality of Belarusian food products, BelTA has learned.

The poll confirmed that the Belarusian products are quite popular in Russia: more than half of the respondents said they buy Belarusian foodstuffs. The most popular are milk and dairy products (28% of respondents said they bought them in the past month), and also meat and meat products (19% of the polled).

The opinion of the Russian respondents on the prices was divided: 40% of the respondents said that Belarusian products are expensive, 39% consider them to be cheap.

The nationwide opinion poll was carried out through phone interviews on 8-9 February 2017. The interviewers called 1,200 landline and cell phones selected randomly from a sampling based on Russia's full telephone directory. The center took into account coverage bias and classified the respondents according to demographic parameters. The margin of error with a 95% confidence interval does not exceed 3.5%.

Original source: BelTA