Current Russia-Poland relations: VCIOM’s study

Olga Kamenchuk, head of International Research Practice at VCIOM, presented a monitoring study on the Russian and Polish perceptions of Russia-Poland relations. The presentation took place at the RT international multimedia press center .

The study was conducted in Russia and Poland in December 2020 and was telephone-based. Respondents were asked about how they perceive the images of Russia and Poland, how they assess the current state of the bilateral relations and what areas they consider as promising for cooperation.

The event was attended by Aleksandra Golubova, Director of the “Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding” Foundation; Sergey Andreev, Russian ambassador to Poland; Aleksandr Cheburyan, researcher at the RAS Institute of World History, member of the Academy of Sciences;  Artem Malgin, MGIMO-MID Vice-rector, member of the Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding Foundation council; Gennady Matveev, head of Department of Southern and Western Slavic History at Lomonosov Moscow State University, member of Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters; Ariadna Rokossoskaya, author of the “Marshals of Victory. Family memories” book "; Mateusz Piskorski, Polish publicist and critic.