International ethical standards in social studies: what is allowed and why in the modern world of studies.

October 9, 2018. An intensive workshop on international ethical standards in social studies was organized at the Russian Public Opinion Research Centre. The training course was aimed at researchers who undertake research in various fields (social sciences, psychology, political science, etc.) and apply different techniques of data collection and processing ranging from traditional ones such as survey, observation, focus groups, desk research to online studies.

The workshop speaker was Olga Kamenchuk, Director of International Studies at VCIOM, Associate Professor of the Department of Strategic Communications at Ohio State University and Researcher at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies (USA).

Program highlights:

1.History and basics of ethical principles of social research: cases and lessons;

2.Categories of research participants which require mandatory certificates issued by ethical councils;

3.Risk assessment;

4.Informed consent;

5.Interference with private life and confidentiality;

6.Specifics of desk research;

7.Sensitive groups (prisoners, children);

8.International studies;

9.Conflict of interest;

10.Online studies.

The workshop materials are based on the modern international standards; the data of American, Russian and post-Soviet countries’ studies were used as examples.

The video (in 3 parts) are available on the YouTube channel.

The PPT file is available at the following link.