Roundtable on “Can we trust sociologists after the US presidential elections?”

Valery Fedorov, VCIOM’s General Director took part in the roundtable “Can we trust sociologists after the US presidential elections?”.

Today social and market research solves many practical tasks serving the interests of the state, political system, business community and non-profit sector. Sociologists inform people about the state of the society, social changes, new phenomena and raise sensitive issues at play. However amidst growing universal distrust in key public institutions over the last decades the sociologist data and findings are being harshly criticized. The participants discussed problems of trust in surveys based on the US presidential election case study where the forecasts partly concurred and partly diverged.

Participants included Yulia Baskakova, International Projects Director at Langer Research Associates; Igor Zadorin, Head of ZIRCON Research Group; Konstantin Kalachev, head of Political Expert Group; Evgeny Minchenko, President of the Russian Association of Public Relations (RASO); Larisa Pautova, Managing Director at Public Opinion Foundation; Grigory Yudin, Senior Researcher at the HSE Laboratory for Studies in Economic Sociology, professor at the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences.


Valery Fedorov’s presentation is available on   VCIOM website .

The video is available  here.  The roundtable took place at the premises of the Izvestiya press centre.