Sochi Media forum. Law on “fake news”: how will it work

VCIOM General Director Valery Fedorov was a moderator at Sochi’s Media forum of All-Russia People's Front. The forum was devoted to the law prohibiting the spread of fake news in mass media and on the Internet (law on “fake news”). The participants discussed the application of the law in the Russian Federation as well as the responsibility of mass media.  

To prove that the problem is vital V. Fedorov presented the results of VCIOM-Sputnik all - Russian surveys. According to the survey data, 29% of respondents believe that in many cases it is almost impossible to distinguish between reliable and unreliable information; 15% think that it is almost always impossible; 83% consider that the state should control this sphere and tackle the problem of fake news. Respondents are optimistic about the law adopted by the State Duma: 57% say that the number of fake news will decrease.

 “People believe that the source of “fake news” lies not only in the Internet but in all other media. The authors of “fake news” are not “lost souls”; they are malefactors. People think that such activities should be stopped, and this should be done by the government”, the head of VCIOM says. 

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