VCIOM launches a new product for international clients

VCIOM has launched “Russia’s global image” - a new analytical product aiming to help foreign partners study the image of their country in Russia. The new product can be primarily useful for state-owned and private enterprises in developing their communication campaign in Russia, adjusting the image of their country among Russians, designing a plan of inter-state and inter-industry cooperation, revealing and making corrections to the problem areas and controversial issues in bilateral relations, attracting Russian tourists.
VCIOM leading expert will propose recommendations on strategic planning, adjustments to cooperation programs and optimal use of various communication channels based on the study of the opinion of target audiences and local populations.  Depending on the study goals, different combinations of qualitative and quantitative tools can be used to collect data; those involve telephone and online surveys, online and offline focus groups, expert interviews, media field analysis and social media research.

Successful solutions have been proposed to clients such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Valdai Discussion Club, Centre for Polish-Russian Dialogue and Understanding, MGIMO University, Trianon Dialogue, etc.

Follow the link to learn more about the product and services.