VCIOM launches a new product: “Russia’s global image”

VCIOM is launching its new product —  “Russia’s global image”  - a useful tool to be used by the Russian companies and governmental bodies in analyzing public opinion, cultural and economic proximity, and associations with Russia in any country of the world. Russian agencies can use the tool to detect the points of increase and barriers in Russia’s general perception; a specific industry or a brand aimed at people living in other countries can use it to design a complex communication campaign which helps ensure success in the targeted country.

Paying attention to the company’s specific features, VCIOM experts are eager to help evaluate the level of awareness and reveal the basic sources of information about Russia in foreign countries, to analyze the image of Russia in public perceptions, to define the key myths and stereotypes, to study the perception of the Russian consumer goods and services, to assess the Russia’s tourist attractiveness, to detect the major problems in the perceptions of Russia and the formation of bilateral relations, and to evaluate the potential for cooperation.

“Russia’s global image” product can help Russian entities:

  • Build effective communication with foreign state-owned agencies, NGOs and consumers of goods and services;
  • Make alterations to the Russia’s image abroad;
  • Strengthen and develop economic relations;
  • Develop bilateral scientific, educational and cultural exchange;
  • Fix bottlenecks and manage controversial issues in the bilateral relations.

VCIOM leading experts will propose recommendations on strategic planning, adjustments to cooperation programs and optimal use of various communication channels based on the study of the opinion of target audiences and local population.  Depending on the study goals, different combinations of qualitative and quantitative tools can be used to collect data; those involve telephone and online surveys, online and offline focus groups, expert interviews, media field analysis and social media research.

VCIOM experts have proposed successful solutions in research projects for ISEPR Fund, Foundation for Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club, and AGT Communications Agency.

Follow the link  to learn more about the product