VCIOM opens data for international community.

VCIOM implements the open data policy according to international standards: the company was the first in the Russian market to join the AAPOR Transparency Initiative in 2017. All the press releases of the company contain detailed data.

Since autumn 2018, VCIOM has been a data provider for the Roper Center international archive transferring the data of Sputnik daily telephone-based survey. The data are published on the Roper Center’s webpage on a monthly basis allowing foreign experts to get access to up-to-date information on Russians’ social well-being and financial situation, their attitudes towards the authorities and political and public institutions, their electoral preferences, protest activity, TV viewing and online activity.  

Roper Center at Cornell University is a leading global archive of social science data specializing in public opinion data accumulation and transfer. The datasets contain information from almost every large organization conducting surveys in the United States as well as other big companies all around the world. It covers the data of academic, non-commercial and commercial organizations dealing with public opinion studies and the data provided by mass media. Both nationwide studies carried out in various countries and more specific local studies can be found in the archive. Generally, Roper Center allows access to approximately 8,000 studies from 100 countries.

Roper Center users, which amount to over 500, are academic institutions, business and mass media companies as well as individual researchers and experts from many different countries engaged in public opinion studies and analysis of social and political trends. Being a creator of the largest data archive, Roper Center provides for public audit of the polling data and abides by the AAPOR Transparency Initiative standards.