VCIOM welcomed a delegation from Vietnam

Konstantin Abramov, VCIOM Foundation General Director, and his colleagues from VCIOM’s Department of Education and Science and Communication Department conducted a meeting with the delegation from Vietnam headed by Le Manh Hung (Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam)

Konstantin Abramov told about the VCIOM’s history and the basic trends in the Russian public opinion research, new ideas and innovative research tools. Do Thi Thanh Ha, representing the Vietnamese delegation as the Director of the Institute for Public Opinion and Research (IPOR), shared her experiences in research organization (the Institute has been functioning for more than thirty years). The discussion on how to increase public interest in opinion polls and public trust in the industry, how to make people express their opinions more openly and to achieve the results when conducting public opinion surveys was particularly vivid.

The colleagues exchanged their views on possible areas of cooperation and marked out the first steps in the direction. The company looks forward to interesting and fruitful cooperation between Russia and Vietnam!