Electoral rating of political parties

Question: “Which political party would you vote for, if elections to the State Duma were held next Sunday?” (closed question, 1 response)

We present the data of the Sputnik surveys, daily Russian nationwide telephone surveys conducted by VCIOM since January 15, 2017. Seven-day averages are indicated. 

We conduct a daily survey among 600 respondents representing at least 80 regions of the Russian Federation and get reliable data. The Sputnik survey data obtained through the random sample classical methodology can be generalized to the country’s population and helps to assess the margin of error. The maximum margin of error for the given random sample, assuming a 95% confidence level, does not exceed 4.5% for the data obtained over one day (n=600) and 2.5% for the data obtained over three days (n=1800).   Apart from the margin of error, minor changes in question wording and different circumstances arising during the fieldwork should be taken into account.

Party Unified Russia39.139.440.139.8
Novye Lyudi5.
Party Just Russia4.
Non-parliamentary parties10.49.89.710
I will come to spoil the ballot1.
I wouldn't go to the polls10.611.110.310.1
Hard to answer9.